Organize your move

¿Es su primera mudanza y no sabe por dónde empezar?

A continuación le asesoramos sobre la mejor manera de organizar y embalar sus pertenencias. Además, en nuestro oficina encontrará todos los materiales necesarios para su mudanza.

Use cajas resistentes de calidad con doble canal y que tengan asas, ¡no querrá que sus cosas se le caigan por debajo al levantar las cajas! Llene cajas a plena capacidad para que no se colapsen los guardamuebles al poner otras cajas encima.

Haga una lista del contenido de cada caja mientras que las va llenando. Marque cada caja para que sepa a qué habitación pertenece el contenido y márquelas en ambos lados para no tener que levantarlas. Ponga un número en cada caja y colóquelas en el guardamuebles teniendo en cuenta lo que quizás podría necesitar cuando esté guardada dentro del trastero de alquiler. Por ejemplo, ponga cajas armario (éstas ayudan a que no se arrugue la ropa) en la entrada del trastero si va a necesitar acceso a ellas mientras que estén guardadas. Otras cosas que sepa que no las va a utilizar por un tiempo, pueden ir al fondo del guardamuebles. No olvide guardar su lista en su sitio seguro.

Save space by grouping similar size boxes together. Place heavier items in smaller boxes such as tools and books so that they’re easier to lift. Lighter items should be placed at the top of boxes to avoid damage.

Layer the top and bottom of boxes containing glassware. Individually wrap all glass items taking care to place glasses at the top of cartons. Stand plates and platters on edge Nest cups and bowls taking care to fill all pockets with packing paper. We sell boxes with special dividers for plates and glassware. Make sure the word FRAGILE is clearly visible on the box and do not place other boxes on top.

Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap and ensure that they are no left loose within the box. In other words, don’t allow delicate items room to shift. Fill in empty areas with packaging material such as packing peanuts or void fill. Mark boxes with the word FRAGILE.

Wrap table legs and table surfaces in bubble wrap to avoid scratches. Remove the legs if possible to create more space. Stack chairs pad to pad taking care to put a cloth or paper divider between them.

Mattresses, couches and pillows should always be stored in protective plastic covers. They should be stored upright to save space. Don’t store items on top of these furnishings.

Leave refrigerator doors slightly open to avoid foul odours afterwards. Ensure that both the fridge and freezer are fully defrosted.

Avoid leaning furniture against walls to help keep your unit ventilated. For the same reason it is always wise to place your goods on top of pallets to help air circulate. Cover your goods with dust sheets to protect against dust.

Try to store these items in their original boxes. If these aren’t available use, cushion material such as bubble wrap or wadded up newspaper. These items must be packed separately.

Clean garden sets & equipment before storing. Wrap lawn mowers and small engine equipment in plastic before storing to avoid petrol odours. All related equipment should be emptied of fuel before placing into storage.

Disassemble garden sets as much as possible to avoid taking up room. Place these items at the back of your unit.

To help fight rust, wipe all metal surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of oil.

Estimate the value of your list and ensure you have the necessary insurance cover. All storage units come with a € 250 insurance cover. We offer increased insurance cover at modest prices. We look at it this way; if you’re paying to store it then it’s worth insuring!