Are you a company that uses the storage room as a mini warehouse?

Here are some tips that you may find useful so you can efficiently use the space in your unit and keep your possessions in pristine condition.

Make a complete list of all items as they are placed in boxes. Write down or tape a list on all sides of the box with its contents. Set aside those things used most often so that they can be placed at the front of the unit. Items used infrequently should be placed at the back of the unit. Try to avoid placing cardboard boxes containing documents directly on the floor as floors always have greater humidity levels. Fragile items should never be placed together with books.

Books should be stored flat to avoid damaging the spine of the book. Avoid overloading boxes. Boxes with paper and books can become overweight and thus difficult to lift. Protect your back!

Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap and ensure that they are no left loose within the box. In other words, don’t allow delicate items room to shift. Fill in empty areas with packaging material such as packing peanuts or void fill. Mark boxes with the word FRAGILE.

Use good quality reinforced cardboard boxes with handles. You don’t want your things falling through the bottom! Fill boxes to capacity to avoid having them collapse.

Save space by grouping similar size boxes together. Place heavier items in smaller boxes such as tools and books so that they’re easier to lift. Lighter items should be placed at the top of boxes to avoid damage.

Try to store these items in their original boxes. If these aren’t available use, cushion material such as bubble wrap or wadded up newspaper. These items must be packed separately.

Store tools in their original cases or boxes so parts don’t go missing. It will be easier to locate them afterwards.

To help fight rust, wipe all metal surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of oil.

Estimate the value of your list and ensure you have the necessary insurance cover. All storage units come with a € 250 insurance cover. We offer increased insurance cover at modest prices. We look at it this way; if you’re paying to store it then it’s worth insuring!