Store a few boxes ot the contents of your entire home

¿Looking to store a few items, some boxes or the contents of your entire house?

¿Quizá se va a cambiar de casa y necesita guardar sus bienes temporalmente? O quizá esté haciendo una reforma y necesita poner sus muebles en otro lugar hasta que terminen las obras. Para estos casos puede necesitar nuestros guardamuebles o mini almacén.

Some common reasons people use self storage…

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Selling a home

We’re selling our house on a certain date and my new place won’t be ready for a few weeks or a few months. Where will I put my things? No worries, we can arrange to pick up the contents of your house or apartment or you can arrange this yourself. Store your items safely while waiting for your new home.

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Getting rid of clutter

You’re trying to sell your home and the realtor has told you that you have to get rid of all that clutter but don’t know where to put it. Experienced sellers know that a clean house free of clutter sells quickly and for more money. Buyers must see the house not your clutter. It’s difficult for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your house when all they see are your possessions. Why sell for less when you can store your things temporarily until your house is sold?

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Vacations and Rentals

You have a vacation home and you would feel more comfortable not leaving certain things around in case of a break-in.
Or perhaps you have a vacation home that you let out at certain times of the year but don’t feel comfortable leaving certain things around for others to use. Why not rent a space for the time you need, knowing that you can access these things when you get back?

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Home renovations

I’m re-decorating and the renovators have told me that they need the place cleared so they can work. Do you really want to have dust and debris all over your furniture and risk things being scratched and damaged? Avoid the tension and store your belongings until the work is completed!

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Moving house

We want to move to a smaller home but where will we put our things? We understand how difficult it can be to part with ones possessions. Why not take a storage room and keep those things dear to your heart?

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I’ll be away

I’ll be away for a while and I don’t know where to store my things? If you dislike asking for favours and inconveniencing people then self-storage is the answer for you. You’ll be at ease while away knowing that your possessions are safely stored.

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Student flats

You’re a student and you have to vacate your apartment/room until next term but don’t want to have to haul your things back home. Why pay to have an empty apartment with just a few things in it? Transfer your things to a storage unit for a few months and save yourself ‘mucho dinero’!

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Lack of space

Wouldn’t it be nice to park in the garage? Instead of opening the garage door to find everything except your car, why not store those things that you don’t use that often in an affordable, convenient location? It certainly beats buying a new home.

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I’m getting divorced/separated and I need a place to store my things while I find a place. This is near the top of the list when it comes to stressful events and if you’re the one moving out you need to store your personal belongings somewhere. Why inconvenience your friends and cause yourself more stress?

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Garden furnishings & equipment

You don’t want that seasonal furniture around during those months when you don’t use it. It’s also important to remember if you have a vacation home that nothing communicates more to potential burglars that you’re not there when there are cob webs hanging from your garden set.

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Family Matters

A family member passed away and we have to store their possessions until we decide what to do with them. During these stressful times it’s comforting to know that you have a place to store these goods without having to commit to a long term agreement while important decisions are being made.

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Dreaded mother in law…

I don’t like my mother in law! Could I store her at your place? Unfortunately we can’t help you out in this circumstance but hey, we like to have a little fun too.

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