Save time and money when making your move

Many people make needless mistakes on moving day because they are either ill prepared, are misinformed or simply forget. Following these brief instructions outlined below, before, during and after your move should keep you out of trouble.

  • Visit our store and pick up all your packing supplies such as boxes, tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, markers, gloves, mattress and sofa covers.
  • Start packing things you don’t use much first such as Christmas decorations, photo albums, books etc. Hint: Don’t forget to make that list of what you’re packing in each box!!!
  • Start looking for a reputable removals company. We advise that you get written quotes from at least 2 removal firms. Don’t be afraid to ask and check for references. Have them demonstrate to you proof of replacement insurance in case something breaks or goes missing. Increase the insurance cover if you feel it’s inadequate.
  • Inform all people that provide services such as cleaners, gardeners, pool service providers of your upcoming move. Try to arrange for these services at your new place ahead of time.

  • Arrange for disconnection of utilities (“Darse de baja”): Telephone, electricity, gas, cable T.V., internet, alarm monitoring etc. And don’t forget to arrange for these services at your new place – “Darse de alta”.
  • Go to the post office (Correos in Spain) and have them re-direct your post.
  • Advise family, friends, your employer and anyone else you think may require your new address. Examples include credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, frequent flyer programs, Hacienda (the tax man), schools, your doctor, lawyer, accountant, financial adviser etc.

  • Confirm details of your locations (where you live and where you’re moving to) with the removal company.
  • If you’re moving far away, pick up dry cleaning, prescriptions, photos or anything else you have outside your home.
  • Start to run down your stocks of food.
  • Clean out your school or gym locker.

  • Clean out and defrost the freezer.
  • Clean the house or arrange to have it cleaned.
  • Finish packing all household goods for the move. Ensure all boxes are clearly labelled.
  • Have the removal company load those boxes that you will open first loaded last onto the Lorry/truck. In these boxes you should have: a tool kit, towels, bedding, basic toiletries and bathroom supplies, a first aid kit and toys or games for the children.
  • Label the keys for the people moving into your house and provide them with a forwarding address and your telephone number.
  • Have some cash available on moving day for incidentals that may arise. Don’t forget to tip the movers if you feel that they’ve done a good job.
  • Gather all manuals and warranties and leave them in one place for the new occupants.
  • Make sure the vacuum cleaner or broom and your gloves are handy.
  • Have some food and snacks ready for move day.
  • Don’t forget to have that mobile phone fully charged!

  • Have your mobile phone or home phone connected.
  • Check the final meter readings for the gas and electric companies.
  • Supervise the move and ensure furniture and boxes are delivered to the correct rooms.
  • Leave the place tidy; this is why you left out the broom & vacuum.
  • Check all rooms, closets and cupboards so that nothing is left behind.
  • Turn down the thermostat.
  • Lock up and leave the labelled keys with the real estate agent or landlord.
  • Arrive at your new home before the removals company (if possible) to instruct them on where to place your things.
  • Have you been given keys for every lock in your home?
  • Review the removals company bill of lading before signing. Check for damaged items before you sign!!
  • Check that the utilities are working at your new place.
  • Open those boxes that were labelled open first.
  • Unpack your bathroom & kitchen supplies and set up your bed.

Congratulations you made it!