Security Features

Our storage facility has a computerized access system with perimeter fencing. Storage space is private thus customers have the only keys to access their storage units. CCTV cameras record constantly at our site (inside and outside) 24 hours/day. For your security, all persons entering our site are filmed. We also make use of advanced smoke detection systems, smoke extraction systems and we have our own generator. You will feel at ease walking through our well lit hallways. Continue Reading »

Business Storage

We have direct access units that you can back up right to the door with your vehicle. We offer more than 30 different room sizes starting from 1.5m2 that adjusts with your changing needs. Should your space requirements change in the future you can switch at no additional charge. You will pay or get back the difference depending on what size you switch to. Ask one of our storage specialists for a space that best fits your needs. Continue Reading »

Individual Storage

We offer free use of palet/pump carts, lifters and carts to facilitate easy and efficient loading and unloading. Choose from a wide variety of storage room sizes. Pay only for the space you need! The wonderful thing about self-storage is that you can access your belongings as often as you like at no additional charge. All storage rooms are individually alarmed and best of all, only you will have the key! Continue Reading »